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This journal is friends-only. If you'd like to read it, please leave a comment stating a reason (we share interests, you know me from somewhere etc). Please don't ask me to friend you just because of the icons I make, they're posted at swanboat_icons (not here) and you're free to add that community to your flist. Thank you.


I know we were on each other's flists, but I think you changed your username and I've lost track. Can't email either since your old domain is down. If you see this, please contact me? Thanks. :)

(Or if anyone else knows how to contact her...?)



Just repeating what many of you on my flist have already posted: I don't like LJ's new buttons that let you x-post entries and comments to facebook and twitter. It's fine if you want to use them on your own or public entries, but please don't use them with f-locked posts, mine or anyone else's. There's a reason people lock their posts, and many people don't want their lj profiles to be associated with their profiles on other social media networks. (Yes, I realise that nothing on Internet is ever 100% locked and you can always manually copy+paste text or make screenshots. There is, however, a difference between going through the trouble of making your own post about something you found and clicking that easily accessible pretty button that invites you to share.) So, before you hit that share button to x-post your clever comment for all the world to see, please check if the journal you're originally posting the comment to is locked. You were trusted when the owner of that journal added you to their friends list, please don't abuse that trust.


Can you help to identify this girl?

I know there are lots of people in my flist who read/write online. I have a serious request for you: can you please either direct me to any relevant communities or (better yet) post this piece in them:


It's about a teenage girl who was found two weeks ago wandering in New York. She says she doesn't remember who she is or where she came from but she has written down and reacted to the name "Amber". She also remembered a passage from robin_hobb's "Fool's Fate". Because of this, the news story has been circulating the various Hobb communities and boards. But she also remembers she's been writing a fantasy story of her own that features a heroine named Rian, "who's been raised by the commander of the guard post on the edge of a fantasy kingdom". There's a picture of her in the above CNN post and some more details.

If she's been active in the fandom at all, SOMEONE must know who she is. Maybe she's participated in a fic challenge, or a NaNoWriMo group or a story community. Please repost/retweet/link to that article as much as possible, or let me know if you can think of a LJ community where people might recognize her (if for some reason you don't want to post it yourself). Thank you.

//ETA: She's been identified! :)


All the excitement for the LOST finale almost made me miss this but luckily gemmi_joo reminded us all that today is the birthday of the one and only Cate Blanchett! :)

Join them and come enjoy the picspam!

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Yes, that was a friends cut :/

In an effort to appear to be in control of my online life, I have just made my first ever friends cut and also removed a ton of communities (and removed a few twitterers as well). Please don't take this as a personal insult because it is not meant to be one. Come on, I consider some of you my RL friends as well. "Friends cut" is really a too harsh phrase.

If you got removed it was because of one or more of the following:

1) you never comment on my entries
2) I never comment on yours
3) you haven't updated within the past couple of years
4) I made a mistake

If you think the last one applies or for some reason desperately want to keep following my random nonsense anyway, feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to add you back. :)

If this seems to work and the sky doesn't fall, I might remove a few more that I was hesitant about. And then I'll cut down a few email groups I think and... I really should get some fls adopted out as well. *sigh*

Can you say no to legally free new music?

Because I believe it's possible someone might not have heard of this yet, even though I've been posting the link like crazy. :D
Bolding was obviously done by me.
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

I've been recording a secret side project album with my long term co
writer and collaborator Robert Conley over the past 2 years.
It was
finished and mixed in December last year and just last week the album
was mastered.

It's a band we call 'We Are Smug'. Robert and I share lead vocal and
songwriting duties on everything, and up until this second, we haven't
spoken a word of it to anyone outside of our circle of friends.

But today, on my birthday, we've decided it's release day and if you
visit http://www.wearesmug.com/ you can download it for free.

This is not the direction of my next album, nor is 'free' the new
price for my music. This is just something I am doing because I can.

While you're digesting this, I'm hard at work on songs for a brand new
studio album for next year. It's a big 'fuck off' pop record. POP
with a capital P if you will. You better have high expectations.

In the meantime, enjoy being Smug.
And Happy Birthday.

Source Darren's Myspace

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IDK, something about his voice just makes me so happy. :)
Also, if the next album is really going to include material co-written with Benny and Björn like he has hinted, I will probably die of happiness the day it comes out. I mean, first we get more X-files, then the dream team announces they are making the Hobbit, THEN the LOTR symphony comes to MY TOWN, and on top of that I'm supposed to handle a combination of BB+Darren? There's only so much a fangirl can handle! What's next? Someone finally announces that movie starring Cate Blanchett and Gillian Anderson?


(Are YOU listed?)


Happy 10th birthday TORn!

I want to wish a very happy birthday to one of my top favourite web sites of all time, theOneRing.net. They are celebrating the site's 10th anniversary this weekend, and what a decade it has been! Started by four fans to simply post spy reports from the LOTR trilogy sets, the site has grown and expanded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Let's face it: TORn is the embodiment and role model for all modern fansites in all fandoms. They not only report Tolkien news (both book and movie) from all over the world and offer platforms for discussions (forums and irc channels). They've also published two books (The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien and The Tolkien Fan's Medieval Reader), a full-length documentary film (Ringers: Lord of the Fans), they've hosted international fansites (including back in the day our very own Finnish Kontu) and held numerous contests, line parties, book publication events and perhaps most notably Oscar Parties which were also attended by the movie makers. What sets TORn apart from all other fansites are the close relationships they have forged with both PJ's team and the publishing houses that print Tolkien's works - both which have been unprecedented in the scale we've been able to enjoy. Here's to hoping for at least another 10 groundbreaking, wonderful years for TORn and us all!

Oh, and I run a fanlisting for TORn. Please consider adding your name! :)

PJ and GDT talk about the Hobbit

Interview from this week's Empire, scans shamelessly stolen from TORn boards and parts the whole thing transcribed by yours truly right here at ohnotheydidnt under the cut. Feel free to repost etc.

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